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Provider of: cable TV, Internet, and telephone.

backchannelmedia provides a database showing the estimated number of subscribers from each cable TV provider in the area.

Internet[edit | edit source]

Does comcast block ports in your area? If so, note the town, ports blocked, and the date below:

Maynard / June, 2008: Comcast started doing a port 25 block (both inbound and outbound) on the basis that "spam" was being sent from my machine (never mind that all my outgoing mail was going out port 587 to, and don't think too hard about why the hell they think an inbound block helps stop spam). After getting it taken off once, and it getting reinstated the next day (presumably by an automatic process), I attracted the ire of their abuse department, which noticed (after 4 years of not caring) that I was also running a ssh and web server. They suspended my account for "running servers" and made me stop running servers on ports 22, 80, and 443. Note that they didn't (and AFAIK still don't) block those ports. Currently using DynDns' MailHop service to get my mail sent to my machine on a high-numbered port.